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Actually we’re more than just designers and graphic artists. We are marketing communications professionals with formal training in marketing, advertising, branding, positioning, PR , business and more. So we do much more than make your projects aesthetically pleasing. You get well thought out campaigns and projects based on solid strategic marketing techniques and practices.


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About CPF Marketing Communications

CPF Marketing Communications is a full service Northwest creative shop providing graphic design and marketing communications services for print, the web and multimedia. The company was founded in Seattle, Washington / King County.

We serve a wide variety of clients regionally, nationally and even internationally. Our clients include small, medium and large private sector businesses; local, state and national government agencies; education institutions and non-profits. Business sectors served include manufacturing, service industries, food products, consumer goods, financial, health, consumer services, insurance, transportation, business services, retail, fashion, wholesale, ecommerce, restaurants, and more.

Founded in 1982 as a Seattle advertising agency and graphic design studio, CPF has evolved and changed with the times to include new media such as the internet, electronic multimedia and e-commerce. The tools of the trade have also changed with the times. Back in the 80s we worked with drafting tables, T-squares, light boxes, Xacto knives, paste-up boards, rubber cement, stat cameras and a variety of equipment that is now obsolete and ancient history. There was no Internet yet. Today we use state-of-the art computers, scanners and some very specialized equipment and software. But, our focus on creativity and getting business results for our clients has always remained the same. And because we’ve been around over 2 decades, we’ve seen a lot of design fads come and go - having learned what works and doesn’t through experience.

Our industry is full of computer geeks that think they’re designers. At CPF we have always been creators and designers first and foremost. That is our background, our training, our history and our focus. Instead, think of us as talented creatives who have mastered the computer tools of the trade. Sure, we may now occasionally find pocket-protectors strangely attractive, but we have firm roots in the design business and marketing. This kind of training and experience can make a big difference in the outcomes you expect.